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Mrs A. (Small Business)

My situation seemed helpless. I was running a small taxi business, I am good at what I do but hopeless with business administration, does that sound familiar?

I was working all hours so I thought I must be doing well. Unfortunately the lack of administration got me into a position where I didn't know where to turn.

I had to answer the phone as it was my only source of income but it was also the direct way for my creditors to contact me! Local suppliers, the tax man and VAT office etc.

I'd just buried my head in the sand believing that if I carried on working hard I would be a success and everything else could be sorted out later.

How wrong I was. My business was like a house of cards which soon came tumbling down around me. I just didn't know which way to turn until I found PCL.

That one phone call completely changed my direction and made me into a successful, professional business woman. I am still working hard and very long hours but I no longer go around in circles getting nowhere. I am now in control of my business with hands on assistance from PCL.

PCL provide complete business management advise with monthly meetings to discuss the every day running of the business, the direction we are going and monthly reconciliation of business creditors.

I now have a successful business but more importantly peace of mind.

I have a fleet of modern vehicles from cars to tail lift people carriers and buses. I work on contract to local authorities and schools secure in the knowledge of regular monthly income.

Thank you PCL!

Mr B (Manufacturer)

I had what was potentially a successful manufacturing company supplying made to order high quality kitchens and furniture along with installation throughout the UK.

The business was being run from an Industrial Unit in Wales, which I had managed to purchase but unfortunately, there were matters coming to a head from my earlier days in business which I found I could not control.

I made contact with PCL who made an immediate visit. Unfortunately, they also, were not able to supply me with an answer to my immediate problem but did come up with a sound rescue package which involved putting my Company into Voluntary liquidation.

I lost the Industrial unit to the Liquidator but bought back all my plant and machinery. PCL opened a new business Bank Account for me and I was able to rent locally a new Industrial Unit to house the plant and machinery and trade forward.

With the assistance of PCL, who are always there whenever I needed their advice and guidance, I am now in complete control of my forward trading and business is looking as good as ever it was. All this with the benefit of hindsight and with PCL hands on assistance means all the remedial undertakings, painful as they were at the time, were all the right moves at the right time.

I now have my 'drive' back again and look forward to no many successful years in business.