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We are able to give Directors detailed advice as to their rights and duties in the event that their company is or could become insolvent. We will also work with the Directors to restructure, re-finance or negotiate with Banks, creditors and governments, if that is what is required.

The list below gives you an idea of what we can help you with. Don't lose sight of the wood because of the trees, take some independent advice before the situation gets worse.

                              Remember we are here to help you, so contact us now.

PCL has a great deal of experience in a wide range of business areas. We are asked to deal with a wide range of business situations, and we specialise in the complex and technical field of insolvency. You can contact us now for an Initial Consultation entirely without cost or obligation and in complete confidence.

PCL can also offer a comprehensive Debt Recovery and Investigation Service through an Associate Business to help and assist your present situation. This is a very professional service with a fast and hard approach to produce results.

We have over 20 years experience as Debt counsellors and adjusters, all consultations are conducted in the strictest confidence.

PCL Professional Business Consultants

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