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Mrs C (housewife and mother)

After many years of happy marriage and bringing up two young children my whole life was heading for the rocks. Bills were beginning to pile up, credit card offers too good to miss were also falling in arrears.

I was working full time and my husband was in and out of work. I came home one day to find a note stating that he had left the home and our marriage was over. I struggled on the best I could but got deeper and deeper in debt.

My health was suffering which forced some time off work then out of the blue my father died. I was devestated. Things surely couldn't get worse. A friend and neighbour confided in me that they had gone through a financial crisis a couple of years ago and they gave me PCL's details.

This was the turning point in my life. PCL arranged to come and see me even though I live in a remote area. They were so helpful caring and considerate, they put together a complete financial Statement of Affairs and contacted every creditor on my behalf taking away all the pressure from me.

This gave me a new lease of life and I managed to get a good full time job. PCL negotiated a reduction in my overall debt to a fraction of it's original amount then proposed a rescue package. I entered into an arrangement with all my creditors to pay off the debt at a monthly rate that I could now afford.

I cannot thank PCL enough on behalf of my children and myself. If I was not given the PCL contact who knows how I would have ended up, as it is life is looking good again, I have my self respect back and a spring in my step.

I may not have a husband but I know that PCL is only a phone call away should I ever need them for advise.

Friends in need have been kind to me and I consider PCL as one of them.

Mr D (Professional Man)

A professional man. who worked in a Partnership. PCL put together a complicated arrangement with his creditors. Hard as he did work unfortunately the arrangement failed and he finally filed for his own Bankruptcy.

This was not the end for this man, with the assistance of PCL he started again as a sole trader. Back In practice he worked all the hours he could. He took on a new partner (he got married) and together they worked and produced a very effective and lucrative business.

During this period PCL was able to secure a mortgage for them and get them and get them back on the property ladder. Less than a decade later they sold up and went into retirement.

A happy ending and we wish them well.