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Mr E (Family man)

Married with two children we were contacted by Mr E to assist him with his problems. Two children attending school. Wife working part time. He, some two yew earlier was self employed and earning good money doing sub contract work.

He, at that time took on several Credit Cards that were virtually thrown at him. Unfortunately the good times were over and contract work came to an end. This left him with Credit Card debts along with a Mortgage he could not service.

He had the Mortgage changed to an 'interest' only one and still was unable to manage as he was in and out of work. He approached a well known firm of Financial Advisors who advertise on TV, with whom he entered into an Informal Arrangement with his creditors over a 13 year period.

Over this period interest would continue to be added to the debts where applicable. In desperation he contacted PCL who responded to his request for a meeting. We restructured his finances and he went into an arrangement with his creditors which froze all the interest on those debts over a period of 5 years, repaying only a percentage of the overall debt.

This gave Mr E a new lease of life and he secured a good long term job, which enabled him to service the arrangement and take the pressure off his marriage. PCL were also able to restructure his mortgage back to a repay one, with no addition to his mortgage repayments.